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Happy Employees Affect the Bottom Line

A productive staff is the most important asset an organization can possess, notes one of the best business schools in the world. A happy staff is more productive, according to a recent study conducted by the Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom. “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on […]


Smartphones Boost Use of Social Networking Sites

A recent report by comScore, an internet marketing research company, found that mobile access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter saw a triple digit increase in utilization since January 2009. According to the new research, some 25.1 million people accessed Facebook via a mobile Web browser, a growth of 112 percent from January […]


Spending More Time on Twitter

I have been spending more time on Twitter than any other social networking site. Twitter allows me to easily follow current news items and tweet stories I find interesting to others on Twitter. It is a micro-blogging service so I am still blogging, in a sense. If you like the overall content of this blog […]

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