Panelists at SXSW 2013 Want to Know What Hispanics Think: Submit Your Latino Voice Survey Now

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On Friday, March 8, at the SXSW 2013 in Austin, TX., a panel discussion will bring together several experts from all areas to explore the impact of the Hispanic voice on technology. During the presentation entitled “Latinos y Mobile: A Silver Bullet?” the community of new media leaders will also release the results from the second annual Latino Voice survey.

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences that have taken place every spring (usually in March) since 1987 in Austin, Texas. The Latinos y Mobile panelists bring experience in politics, caused based organization, commercial campaigns and mobile in order to uncover trends in issue identification and activation around the Latino community.

In order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date Hispanic perspective, panelists are seeking nationwide Latino feedback. So take a moment to submit your answers to the Latino Voice survey now.

Feel free to also forward along this info to other Latinos to ensure the survey results are a huge hit at this year’s SXSW.


Shortstop … or Bust!: The Traveling Tales of Youth Baseball

shortstoporbustI am excited to promote a book from a newly published Latina author, Linda Padilla-Diaz. Shortstop … or Bust!: The Traveling Tales of Youth Baseball offers a personal account into the harried nature of youth baseball and presents an informative, amusing, and bittersweet story about the five-year journey of a group of boys who worked hard and played hard to win.

Under the attentive guidance of a volunteer manager passionate about baseball, a group of boys assembled as the “B” team to play travel baseball for their town team. In Shortstop … or Bust!, author Linda Padilla-Diaz shares a compilation of stories covering the journey through the five years her two sons played competitive traveling youth baseball—from her perspective as both a mother and the manager’s wife.

Shortstop … or Bust! describes Padilla-Diaz’s love of the game and delves into parents’ fixation for their children’s extracurricular activities, seeking the glorified shortstop position. The humorous, touching chronicle of lefty Derek and manager Harry provides firsthand insight into the growing revolution and competitiveness of youth travel baseball. The story begins with the modest commencement of the team with overzealous coaches and dads and describes their winning transformation through several seasons. Padilla-Diaz offers an entertaining play-by-play account of events and provides an up-close view of the games the team played.

Linda Padilla-Diaz is a working mother, law school graduate, baseball fanatic, coach, and softball director. She and her husband have two boys and live in northern New Jersey.

Congratulations on the new book, Linda!


December 21, 2012 Is Not The End of the World, But the Beginning of New One


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Some say the ancient Mayan civilization predicted the end of the world will occur this Friday, December 21, 2012. However, this is not a literal prediction of the physical end of the world, but hopefully the beginning of a new one.

According to a Wikipedia page, the 2012 phenomenon, a New Age interpretation of this transition is that the date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation. Therefore, December 21, 2012, may mark the beginning of a new era.

The page notes that professional Mayanist scholars state that predictions of impending doom are not found in any of the classic Mayan accounts, and that the idea that the calendar “ends” in 2012 misrepresents Mayan history and culture.

Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia since 2006, looks at December 21st not as the ‘Mayan Apocalypse,’ but as a New Beginning. Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, speaking at the United Nations in September, said the date marks an end to individualism and capitalism and a turn toward the collective good.

Morales believes December 21, 2012 signifies, among other things, “the end of selfishness and the beginning of brotherhood.”

“It is the end of hatred and the beginning of love, the end of lies and beginning of truth,” Morales said. “It is the end of sadness and the beginning of happiness, it is the end of division and the beginning of unity, and this is a theme to be developed.”

So there’s no need to fear the end of the world this Friday. Let’s all put some really good energy out there to help create a whole new world.

You can view and listen to President Morales’ complete 37 minute translated speech at the United Nations on UN Web TV.

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