My Favorite Latino/a Blogs for 2014/2015

This may be my last post recommending my favorite Latino blogs. I posted entries in 2009, 2010, and 2011 then took a long break until now. There are so many Latino/a-based blogs out there making it extremely difficult for me to list my favorites. Initially, I wanted to showcase the wonderful work of Latino/a bloggers and encourage others to undertake the art of blogging.  In 2015, there is no shortage of Latino/a-based stories in the blogosphere. However, I wanted to take another opportunity to recognize the work of some pretty amazing blogs. Check them out and feel free to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are my favorite seven Latino/a blogs for 2014/15:

  • Odilia Rivera-Santos –  Odilia Rivera-Santos is an Afro-Puerto Rican artist/educator born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico who presently resides in the Bronx, NYC. She is the author of a book of poetry entitled, Love When You Say Love.
  • Juan of WordsJuan of Words is a Mexican lifestyle blog written by Juan, Anjelica, and Edgar who are all from the great state of Texas. Juan of Words is a snapshot into the lives that make up this Mexican-American family.
  • GUBlife (formerly Growing Up Blackxican)GUBlife a blog about family life, fun adventures and new traditions from a diverse modern family. The lifestyle blog provides readers with posts about culture+tradition, crafts+DIY, marriage+parenting, food+recipes, travel, and bilingualism (English/Spanish.)
  • Latina On a Mission – Latina On a Mission is a blog by Migdalia Rivera about life, style, and substance for the modern Latina. Follow this “Latina On a Mission” to learn how she thrives while living frugally and raising two boys on her own.
  • Latino Foodie – Based in Los Angeles, Latino Foodie highlights cultural trends in food and beverage and has become a source for home cooks and foodies to come together for original and adapted recipes and cultural capsules educating readers of the history of Latino food and cuisine.
  • Tech Life Magazine – Tech Life Magazine is a blog by Eva Smith focusing on technology trends, food, music, entertainment and lifestyle news. Eva Smith has received several awards and recognitions including Latina’s “25 Women Who Shine In Tech” and USA Today’s “6 Latin@ Bloggers to Watch.”
  • Los Rodriguez LifeLos Rodriguez Life is a blog by Javier (from Chile) and Leslie (from Kentucky) who love the married life and thought it would be cool to share some of the things they do. They originally started the blog so that Javier’s family in Chile could keep in touch with their daily lives from a distance.

If you would like to share some of your favorite Latino blogs you are welcome to mention them in the comments section.


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