Unfriended – A Horrible Horror Film

If you are into corny horror films with some good one liners, you might enjoy Unfriended opening in theaters Friday, April 17th. I attended a screening of the movie in the East Village last Wednesday. The film targets millenials by showcasing their extensive use of social media while creating a cyber horror story for our time. Audience viewers experience the entire movie as if they were staring at a computer screen. Overall it is an innovative concept for a horror film, however there is no substance to the story and I was left feeling like I had just wasted an hour and a half of life.

The highlights of Unfriended are the pretty good young actors who portray the tormented teens and really funny reactionary one liners that did make me laugh. There were some traditional gruesome scenes but for the most part your eyes will race through all parts of the screen to follow the story and you will be somewhat entertained by the relationship of the characters throughout the film.

If you are looking for a profound movie with a message this is definitely not the one. If you are a huge fan of horror films then I would say check out Unfriended for a different take on the genre.


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  1. Thomas says:

    If it focused more on the dangers of cyber-attacking a person, more than just making it into another stupid horror flick involving teenagers, this would have probably become a greater movie.

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