Why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Have Strong Support (Guest Blog Post)

Photo courtesy of CNN.com

Photo courtesy of CNN.com

I am desperately starved to find, read and hear where the media reports – what is so painfully obvious through the rank and file electorate – that the phenomenon of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ success is not only due to their straight-shooting, no BS measured talk, but the majority weight of their success, of being the favored flavor, is the FACT that WE the People are fed up with how Washington does NOT work for US – the people; and Americans are thoroughly displeased/disheartened with how our elected officials do not work for US and seem to be purchasable by any Interest that can best line their pockets.

Simply, whether Independent, Democrat or Republican Americans feel that their elected politicians have gravely failed them by NOT representing them in their best interests, with the implied necessary concern/need of “getting things done”, keeping us moving forward and contributing to make US the manageable Democracy that we are set up to be. Not the current house of discord, distrust, malfeasance and dysfunction that we have become.  By and large, our elected officials have failed US and WE are fed up with their lies, their misleading directions and most of all their refusal to collectively – “Make America Great Again” – work together rather than their current petulant, obstructionist, moribund behavior.

Every day Americans go to work to earn a living and work hard to make as much as they can – most with great sacrifice and familial logistical planning just to make a day’s work possible – and in the course of these working days Americans have long learned not only how, but TO work with their fellow workmates to “get the job done”. Americans, male and female, of working age from all ethnicities, cultures, races, creeds, healthy and disabled with varying political beliefs, WE work hard every day TOGETHER to get our jobs DONE!

We ask: Why can’t the same be executed in Washington?
Why can’t the politicians in the United States respect, preserve and mimic what WE Americans do every day to make this country work? – With the result being a functioning United States of America of which WE are all proud to be a part of?


The message at this point in this presidential election process IS about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and ALSO the sounding rockets they are to bells’ pealing with the palpable sense of despair and letdown Americans are feeling.

Please report it for what it is, Fourth Estate, do not let us down.

Joe Craven
New York City


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