Latinos Have Census Questions Around Race

Within the next two weeks the 2010 Census will be complete, however the race question has some Latinos wondering how to identify ourselves. I submitted my form last week and checked off three races: white, African, and Native American (personally counting Tainos from Puerto Rico as native Americans.) To represent all of my ancestry I could not just check one box. The race question has some Latinos either choosing white or black, or another race. What ever the choice eventually made, it’s most important to just get the form completed and sent back. So if you have not yet completed your Census form, get right to it. Every one really counts. This year’s Census will be extremely important for Latinos, so please spread the word and let’s get those forms sent back.


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  1. Anna Rodriguez says:

    Great Post! We wondered about the race portion as well. We still need to fill it out, but are definitely going to complete it tonight. We are making a point of including our kids in this so that they understand the importance. Your video just made it clearer…for all of us!

    Thanks, Phil!


  2. Davina says:

    It is great that the nation is pushing forth the importance of the census. I too will like to see a more accurate account of the breakdown of the racial make up today in America but it still worries me about its main agenda, especially at the year 2010, the census still cannot even provide a subcategory for our “multi racial” citizens….checking multiple races still feels a bit disheartening. In this multi-racial, multi-cultural mecca called the United States, the government remains behind the times in the manner in which we collect our population data, alike many other things.
    Regardless, it does not clearly depicts who we are solely on our race and ethnicity. “Middle Easterners” as a prime example are defined as “Caucasian or White” on the Census form. This completely eliminates them from any numerical assembly unlike the large breakout for Asians. And we’re also in the 21st century, I was heavily bothered that “Negro” is still utilized…
    I helped my folks do one….even in mine, I provided all info. asked except for the DOB ( I know the gov’t already has it)….it’s weird, I’m willing but remain hesistant in regards to the census.

  3. EnforceDeportnow says:

    what’s the purpose of census? to figure out the racial makup of America? to say oh it’s more diverse than ever, oh there is more latinos than ever? Dont we already know this? Just go to the nearest mall spanish is heard in every corner. Then the next issue is do we really care, are we happy that America is turning into Mexico? Most americans resent this, incl legal latinos, and want to remove illegal aliens that cost us billions. In conclusiion we waste millions in this census survey where we already know the result, we should better spend the millions into cracking down on illegals, on border patrol checkups, on everify etc

  4. I refused to fill the race question, and wrote on the census that the category was obsolete.

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