New York Post Cartoon Crosses Racial Line

The New York Post went too far with a controversial cartoon published Wednesday. The tabloid is getting a lot of heat for a racist depiction combining the recent shooting of a wild chimpanzee with President Barack Obama’s work on the US stimulus package. This is not the first time a unit owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has been accused of racism.

Now the NAACP is demanding the firing of the NY Post cartoonist and his editor. The subject is the talk of the town this weekend. Protesters made their disapproving presence known outside the paper’s office. Many are not happy with the Post’s apology “to those who were offended” by the cartoon and a Facebook cause to support boycotting the paper is spreading like wild fire.

I don’t read the New York Post. I always thought it was a piece of crap.


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5 Responses to New York Post Cartoon Crosses Racial Line

  1. Lateeno Wayz says:

    Well I used to read it but if there willing to let this go and defend it then they arent worthy of my money and time. I have alot of hopes in this administration, Lord knows we were lost in tale spin with the last one.

  2. Alexander says:

    I’ve had two “cartoon” incidents as a college paper editor nearly two decades ago. Both made national news. One offended many Jews, the other offended some Mexicans. Both resulted in meetings with leaders of those offended.

    If the message is not clear in an editorial cartoon then it can open up the doors for things like what’s happening with this monkey cartoon.

    Personally, I don’t get the editorial cartoon. To link two separate news items sensationally is the only motivation I see from this cartoonist. Whatever “message” he was trying to get across is garbled.

    Rather than pinning it as a definite racism issue as some have, I’d pin it as an editorial cartoon that doesn’t make sense…and just call out the paper and the cartoonist to consider their racial insensitivity in publishing a confusing message.

  3. Clarisel says:

    I don’t buy newspapers anymore (I read them online these days), but I won’t buy a New York Post again. I didn’t like the cartoon and was waiting for the Post’s response. I didn’t like the way they “apologized.” It wasn’t an apology at all.

    Action must be taken.

  4. MysticDiva1 says:

    I stopped buying newspapers years ago and definitely will never buy the Post again even if I were buying newspapers. As an African American who grew up under similar racial attacks, I do find this offensive. It amazes me that some don’t think of this cartoon as offensive. What next? A cartoon of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and others on the ground dead with cops holding a smoking gun saying “Oops”. Grow up people.

  5. Salty Duck says:

    i cant believe this made it past editing!

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