New iPhone Prices Are Not For Everyone

I have been holding out on upgrading my Sony Ericsson flip phone until the next iPhone update. This Monday Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS priced at $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB version. It also dropped the price of the older iPhone 3G 8G version to $99. However there’s a big catch: The new prices are only good for new and upgrade-eligible AT&T customers. So if someone presently has an iPhone 3G and wants to get the new 3GS, he/she will have to pay a ridicules $599 for the 16GB version or $699 for the 32GB phone.

iPhone fans are upset with Apple and its current contract with AT&T. Last year, when the 3G iPhone came out, existing customers were able to upgrade and pay the new price. This year existing iPhone customers will have to wait until they’re eligible for an iPhone upgrade, or shell out hundreds of dollars.

I was told by Scott, an AT&T representative, that I will have to wait until September to be eligible for the $199 price for the new iPhone GS or pay $499 now for the new phone. Scott recommended I wait until September. Gee, thanks Scott.

I guess I’ll hold out for another 90 days.


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  1. armando says:

    I personally dislike ATT with a passion and Apple is right behind them and the two of them together makes me want to scream…I would suggest you research other options and the competition, maybe even Blackberry…Obama's choice!

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