Frequently Asked Questions…

What do you blog about?

Social media, blogging, politics, Puerto Rican/Latino culture, New York. This is a personal blog so I also post general thoughts and personal writing.

How often do you post a blog entry?

Not as often as I would like. My goal was at least once a week, but that has not worked out. Ideally, a post every two weeks would be fine.

Do you accept advertisements or paid sponsors?

Yes. Please contact me directly for details.

Do you have any other blogs?

Yes. My business blog is Velez Communication and I also manage Fraternity Communication, a blog that highlights positive images of fraternity and sorority life.

Do you promote any specific groups, companies, or publications?

Yes. I am a member of the Delphic Fraternity, long ago I was the political columnist for El Boricua, a cultural publication for Puerto Ricans, and I currently serve as an office administrator at Bogota Latin Bistro in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Do you accept suggestions on blog topics?

Yes. Let me know what you would like to see covered.

Are you available for freelance/permanent assignments?

Yes. Check out my business blog for more information.


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