Coldplay and Adele Should Be Big Grammy Winners Tonight

I think Coldplay and Adele will be winners at tonight’s 51st Annual Grammy Awards. Coldplay is up for album and record of the year, as well as best rock band and pop group performance. I listened to this British band’s album all last fall and enjoyed it greatly. It did have to grow on me, however when it did I appreciated the band’s overall talent. I’ve heard of the group before this album, but now I’m a fan.

One of my favorite soulful singing divas these days is British singer Adele. Her voice is rhythmically rich and strong and her album has some wonderfully written songs. Adele performed last fall on The View and Saturday Night Live and should hopefully win either song of the year and/or best new artist. My favorite song is Cold Shoulder. It has a really cool beat and stands apart from the rest of the ballads on her album.

The Brits may make their powerful presence felt widely if Leona Lewis wins best record with her gigantic hit Bleeding Love. I won’t predict a winner in every category, however there is one that is tough to forecast. Best pop collaboration might be a nail biter. I’m leaning toward either Alicia Keys and John Mayer for Lesson Learned or Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown for No Air, however this category is really a toss-up.

Lastly, I have to root for Jennifer Hudson to win best R&B Album. This lady can sing and is the epitome of a soulful singer. I have not heard the full album but I think she is the one to beat. And after the horrific personal year she has had, my heart and soul hopes for win for Ms. Hudson.

So I’m done. Let’s see how well or bad I do with my predictions. Some choices seem like no-brainers but you never know with award shows. In any event, even if I get them all wrong, these artists are winners with me.


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  1. Davina Wan says:

    It’s inevitable that the Grammys- an honorable celebration for our artists has become garbage. However,I do validate the artists on your post. Coldplay is so underrated and so talented. Adele is so much heart, hudson has so much soul…..I’m a music junkie and I’ve mentioned to a friend recently that DOPE music has only been coming from UK. As far as within our homeland, independent artists are golden. For example, I love Janelle Monae and after signing with Badboy, I’ve been weary how her music will turn out.

    Sometimes though we can simply revert back to the music we grew up on, loved….and we can still re-discover new “oldies”. I love it.

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