7 GLBT Latino Bloggers to Watch

Today, while glancing through the Twitterverse, I saw a mention of me in a reference to Latino GLBT blogs. I thought it was cool, but also quite interesting since my blog is not GLBT specific. Though I was thinking of posting my next blog entry on this year’s Pride Parade or the delayed issue of same-sex marriage equality in the New York State Senate.

I then realized the tweet led to an online list of seven GLBT Latino bloggers to watch, and incredibly enough I was listed as numero cinco. I’m still like, “what?”

A site called MiApogeo.com (soon to be MyLatinoVoice.com) listed me as number five after a conversation with number one Latino GLBT blogger, and my longtime hero, Andrés Duque. MiApogeo is the fastest growing online destination for US Latino culture, entertainment, and current events in English.

Thanks to Andrés and the soon to be MyLatinoVoice.com for the listing. I am honored to be in such amazing company.


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  1. Brandon Lacy Campos says:

    Hey Phillip! It's great to connect with you through the MiApogeo article. I had NO idea that I was listed, either, and to be listed as #2 after the fantastic Andres Duque was an honor. And I, like you, am not a GLBT specific blogger…hell….my entire blog is rather random. But I appreciate the honor, and it's great to have been award aware of some of the folks on the list that I did not know!

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