Latino Gay Poets & Writers

There are some incredible Latino gay poets and writers making their mark in the New York City scene. Some have been around for a while and others are just starting out. In either case, there is an enormous amount of talent and passion in the field and much more should be written about these amazingly fearless people who put their personal and emotionally-filled stories on paper and on the stage.

Charlie Vázquez is someone who has contributed greatly to Latino gay literature and also created ¡HISPANIC PANIC!, a monthly event in NYC showcasing Latino gay poets and writers. I get a great deal of inspiration listening to poets and writers reading their work publicly. I attended Charlie’s most recent creative occasion at Bartini in Hell’s Kitchen last Wednesday night. Brandon Lacy Compos was the evening’s MC and read his work as well. He did an awesome job keeping the energy and flow going and presenting each performer. The lineup of poets and writers that night was extraordinary including such legends as Robert Vazquez-Pacheo, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, and Emanuel Xavier. They were joined by up and coming poets/writers Jimmy Lam and Cristina Izaguirre.

Latino gay poets and writers have a long history and the outstanding individuals above are just a few that represent its past, present, and future. I greatly appreciate their work and commitment to the art of the written word and I am sure many others do as well. Keep up the remarkable work!


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