My Blog, revisited

I have spent the last few days of 2007 re-designing and updating my blog. I created one a while ago but just never really ran with it. Now I am ready to give it another shot. I added an old journal and hope to pick up on blogging personal thoughts and dreams. My main personal page will be more journalistic in nature, and I plan to publish commentary from time to time. Also just wanted a central place to link personal sites and keep in touch with people. My New Year’s resolution is to write. I have pieces here and there, on disks, writing journals, and I am sure other places I have note mentioned. With 2008 I aim to put it all down in cyber space. I have some major decisions to make this year and would like to chronicle my journey. I’m looking forward to reading back my experience. Take care every one, and have a happy and wonderful 2008. Peace and love.


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