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Last week I, along with seven other writers, completed an eight-week memoir writing course. The class was small enough for every one to provide each other excellent feedback and critical advice. The talent in the class was inspiring. The storytelling was open, honest, and daring. I learned a great deal from my classmates and gained more confidence in my personal writing ability. I have shared some of the writing pieces on this blog, however I will keep some private for possible future publication. I believe I have finally found the writing style that fits me best.

I took my first creative writing class back in college. Later I signed up for a magazine writing class that lead to a journalism career. I moved from journalism to public relations writing. In between I wrote my fraternity’s history booklet. I am a writer and will always enjoy putting words together to communicate a thought, message, policy, experience, etc. Every one has a story to tell and I believe we all have a book inside we can share with the world if we so choose. I’ll continue to contemplate the idea and hope one day I can put something together myself.


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  1. Penny says:

    Phil, personal writing or journaling is a great release and record of your career as a writer. I’ve had a journal for years….I hope to read more of your posts on how this is going for you!

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