From Favorite Links to a Blogroll

I have decided to change the name of my favorite links to the traditional “blogroll.” In the blog world favorite links and/or exchanges are generally called blogrolls. Of course a blogger can title this feature anything he/she wishes. In addition to changing the name, I have edited the list to only include blogs that have agreed or chosen to add a mutual link to my blog. Nothing personal to those sites that were previously listed. A blog exchange is a valuable way to promote blogs that in turn assist in promoting your blog. This cooperative approach between bloggers helps us all. So, I would like to thank those who have added my blog to their blogrolls/favorite sites. I also encourage readers to take a moment to browse through my blogroll.


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3 Responses to From Favorite Links to a Blogroll

  1. BronzeWord says:

    I would be proud to exchange links with you. Please check out BronzeWord’s Blog and read What’s Happening Here. If you wish to do a Guest post, I would be delighted. Please contact me.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  2. Efrain Ortiz Jr. says:

    I couldn’t agree more to this approach….. Thank you.

  3. sean says:

    Mija get with the program! 🙂

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