So What’s the Deal with Google Plus?

As you may already know, there’s a lot of online talk about Google’s latest entry into the world of social networking. It’s another attempt by the Internet search giant to gain leverage in the field after failing terribly with Google Buzz. I was just going to lie back and watch how it all plays out, but I was offered an invite and had to check it out.

If you already have a Google account, once you sign up to Google+ you’ll see a tab with your name connected to all the other Google products you may use (gmail, calender, documents, reader, etc.) It’s easiest to connect with the contacts you already have on Google. The integration between products is pretty cool.

I’m still checking it all out, but so far I can see how Google will finally be successful with Google Plus. I am cautious though because I thought Google Wave was incredible, but that too went down in flames.

So here’s the deal: A cool feature on Google+ is the ability to put contacts into various circles, like one for family, another for friends, one for co-workers, or any other group you’d like to create. This allows you to send certain info only to those various groups. Also, you can follow anyone and see their content without that person following you back. This is cool when following celebrities or thought leaders in a particular industry.

There is also a hangout section where you can conduct video chats with contacts and people who share your interests. I have not checked this feature out yet, but hear it’s pretty awesome.

So far Google Plus has received rave reviews and is growing incredibly fast. However some people may feel they don’t have the time to join another social network, which is understandable. Right now you can only use Google Plus if you’re invited to join by someone already using the network. But word has it that Google Plus will be open to all by the end of July, so you won’t have too wait to long.

I don’t think Facebook and Twitter have much to worry about right now, but you never know with the ever changing world of social networks. I need more time to really know how a feel about Google+, but I’m giving it a shot. If you feel comfortable feeling out another social network, I’d say give Google Plus a try and see how you like it.

Feel free to leave any comments below about your take on Google+.


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