What If You Lose Your Job?

In today’s economy thousands of people are losing their jobs every day. It’s a scary time and those of us with jobs should do what we can to stay employed. However, no matter what we do, unfortunately some of us will lose our jobs. This experience can be devastating, however it can also be an opportunity in disguise. An unemployment period can be a time to re-invent oneself. If you lose your job, use the unstructured time to find your passion, as well as your next job. There are a great deal of resources available online. Keep the faith no matter what happens.

Even if you have a job, it may be a good idea to save your 2008 tax refund and hold on to vacation days in the event you may need the cash later. Work and maintain your networking sources. What ever happens, keep a positive outlook. Our weak economic time will get better. For now, find ways to cut expenses. Begin researching what you would do if you did lose your job. Find ways to become more of an asset in your present position. No matter what, everything happens for a reason and you can find the silver lining in any situation if you look close enough.


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  1. MysticDiva1 says:

    I agree that one should look at all options. I am grateful to be employed but I am also looking into expanding my writing since this is something I have always enjoyed. I am beginning to blog and intend to use this art form as a way to express myself and a means of added income. If we remember that all things work together for our good, not just good things, we will be able to survive any and everything. Look at your talents and gifts. Explore that dream that you had way back when and begin to pursue what makes you happy. Do hair, cook or bake or put your recipes into a cookbook (food always sells), babysit for those who are still working and need someone to watch the children, fix cars, create websites, etc. You may be plesantly surprised to turn a new page in your life.

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