Spending More Time on Twitter

I have been spending more time on Twitter than any other social networking site. Twitter allows me to easily follow current news items and tweet stories I find interesting to others on Twitter. It is a micro-blogging service so I am still blogging, in a sense. If you like the overall content of this blog please feel free to also follow me on Twitter @philvelez.

Several months ago, after getting comfortable with Twitter, I began using TweetDeck, a program that allows people on Twitter to set up various columns to make tracking information on Twitter much easier. I most recently started using HootSuite, a professional Twitter tool that also allows me to create Twitter groups and search term columns, however one of the best things about HootSuite is the ability to schedule future tweets. Both TweetDeck and HootSuite allow users to manage multiple Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is a separate stand-along program you have to download while HootSuite is a browser-based program where no download is required.

Another helpful Twitter client site is Monitter, which allows you to enter real-time search terms of interest. Overall, I’m really enjoying Twitter and am using it more often to find and relay information, and keep the lines of communication open with other bloggers and people engaged in social media.


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2 Responses to Spending More Time on Twitter

  1. Efrain Ortiz Jr. says:

    Good Post…I haven't used Hootsuite because I am overall happy with Tweetdeck. I have also noticed the increase in blog traffic to my blog since being on Twitter. I have found many blogs and articles of interest via Tweets.

  2. Clarisel says:

    I'm loving Twitter too. I'm using it more and blogging less. I like Twitter because you connect with people that share your interests. Facebook is more about connecting with friends you know for different reasons. Twitter is more about sharing news and information with people who follow or care for similar topics even if they disagree with you.

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