Thompson on Tuesday: My Take On The Crazy NYC 2013 Race For Mayor

As a Native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent and a life-long Democrat, I was undecided about my choice for mayor in the Democratic primary race until yesterday.  I considered several of the Democratic nominees for mayor, but had to narrow it down to my top three: Christine Quinn, Bill De Blasio, and Bill Thompson. (In full disclosure,  I once donated $25 to Quinn’s campaign.)

As of the posting of this entry, the polls show De Blasio suddenly leading the Democratic pack and there’s some chatter that he might win the Democratic nomination without the expected run-off. We’ll see how it all plays out in five days.

I voted for Bill Thompson in 2009 against Michael Bloomberg. Since I was torn between three candidates this year, I decided to go again with Thompson on Tuesday. He barely lost to the billionaire Bloomberg in 2009 and I believe Thompson deserves another shot at being the mayor of New York City.

I considered supporting Christine Quinn as the first female and the first lesbian mayor, but I just could not get passed the fact that in 2008 she was on team Bloomberg and helped him extend term limits allowing him three terms as mayor. I also seriously considered De Blasio because I think he is the most progressive Democrat in the race and I like his multicultural family. If De Blasio wins the race outright I won’t be extremely disappointed.

However, I’ll be voting for Thompson on Tuesday and wish him all the best.

The general election might be an entirely different story because as a Latino I’ll definitely consider Adolfo Carrion, the former Bronx Borough President, who is running for mayor as an Independent. I’ve always voted on the Democratic line but it might be tough not voting for a fellow Puerto Rican in the general election in November. However, voting for Carrion in the general election might help whomever the Republican candidate might be. I’ll worry about that in November.

For now, go Thompson!


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