Google Wave

I was recently fortunate enough to be offered a Google Wave invite. As an avid Google product user, I had been patiently waiting for a direct invite from Google for a few months now. Finally, the wait is over. Google Wave has been called the next big thing in online revolutionary technologies. The Internet communications platform aims to provide an unprecedented real-time interactive experience. Google Wave was introduced back in May of this year and only several thousand invites were initially assigned. Google Wave just took the first ranking in Twitter’s Top 10 Tech Trends of 2009. It is sure to become an incredible online force in 2010. I’m just catching the wave and will need some time to feel it out. I hope you get an invite soon. For now, check out the short video below for more info on Google Wave.


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2 Responses to Google Wave

  1. clarisel says:

    I'm on Google Wave too. I haven't really used it though. Let's connect.

  2. Phil Velez says:

    Unfortunately Google just pulled the plug on the Wave. I am sure this technology will show up again somewhere, some how, some day.

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