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Latino Gay Poets & Writers

There are some incredible Latino gay poets and writers making their mark in the New York City scene. Some have been around for a while and others are just starting out. In either case, there is an enormous amount of … Continue reading

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The 4-Hour Workweek and Slow Dance

A few weeks ago I finally finished reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. I had started it earlier in the year, but put it down several times. No reflection on the book, though. I just had a lot on … Continue reading

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Marketing Skills While Defining a Career Change

Last week I lost my job. While venturing out into the world of the unemployed, I decided to market my skills directly as a freelancer and consultant. I aim to continue the full-time job search, but with millions of people … Continue reading

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We Need This Stimulus Package Now!

How much longer must we wait before our elected leaders approve the desperately needed stimulus package? The present economy is extremely weak, however how bleak does it need to be before our fearless leaders decide to get their collective act … Continue reading

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What If You Lose Your Job?

In today’s economy thousands of people are losing their jobs every day. It’s a scary time and those of us with jobs should do what we can to stay employed. However, no matter what we do, unfortunately some of us … Continue reading

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