Marketing Skills While Defining a Career Change

Last week I lost my job. While venturing out into the world of the unemployed, I decided to market my skills directly as a freelancer and consultant. I aim to continue the full-time job search, but with millions of people losing their jobs now may be the perfect time to work for myself.

I am a writer by nature who loves to tell a good story. I’ve decided to combine my media and communication expertise into my own business venture. I hope to take time defining a career change and carefully reviewing future full-time employment steps. In the meantime I believe this transition is an opportunity in disguise. It’s a time to re-invent myself and clarify what I want to do with the rest of my working career.

Networking is key. If you know anyone looking for a freelance writer or communication consultant please pass along my new business blog: Velez Communication.


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  1. Vicente Duque says:

    Phillip :

    Your love of writing is a gift. You also love organizations like fraternities and that is excellent.

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    I expect your Fraternities to be the Best Students and Most Honorable Guys.

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    Vicente Duque

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