Barack Obama

I have decided to officially support Barack Obama for President of the United States. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and like her a great deal, however Barack’s passion and inspiration moves me. I first started to seriously consider Barack Obama the night he won the Iowa Caucus. I was surprised that a Black man won in a predominant white state. When I heard his speech that night, the first time I had ever heard him speak, I was so touched by his message of unity and hope that I shed a few tears. No politician had ever moved me like that. Since then I have followed his progress in the 2008 Election. Hillary has been great, she knows what she’s doing, has a lot of experience and is a strong politician. But Barack represents a future political world that can bridge large gaps in our community. Young people and people of color are coming out of the woodwork to support him and I think that’s just incredible. More people need to get involved in politics to really make a difference in our country. So, my full support now goes to Mr. Obama, a man who dares to dream and create change for all of us who have felt unheard and uninspired.


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