Spitzer’s Stupidity

After twelve years of Gov. Pataki New York State desperately needed a strong, dedicated, and brilliant Democratic Governor to lead the great Empire State. We got just the right Governor in Eliot Spitzer; or at least I thought we did until yesterday. The dreadful news that Governor Spitzer paid for a high-price prostitute shocked and angered me. The first thing that came to mind, after the shock and anger, was how stupid could he be? He was the Attorney General of New York State. He knows how the law works, he knew the danger involved if he got caught. The hypocrisy is what pissed me off the most. I voted for Spitzer and thought we finally had a great leader. Now I just don’t know any more. This is the kind of scandal that makes voters lose faith in the political system. If someone as straight-laced as Spitzer could do something like this, what does this say about politicians in general? Who can we trust? Are politicians just in it all for the power and glory? Do they really care about the people they lead? It’s discouraging and makes me wonder about world of politics overall.


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