The Next President of the United States

Labor Day is just about over, and now is the time for all Americans to make a choice. Yes, I know you have heard this before, but this upcoming national election is very important and will shape the future of our country. For those of you who are still not registered to vote or have not voted in a while, please become active or more active in our political movement. We need to come together, a majority of us, to create the kind of country that will improve the life of masses and unify Americans in a common national, global, and humanitarian goal.

I am a proud supporter of Barack Obama and will wholeheartedly support the Obama/Biden ticket. McCain demonstrates a life-time of political commitment and Palin is a fresh face in the Republican Party. However, eight is enough. The overall conservative direction of our country is not working. Rents and the price of food continue to go up. Overall, it just costs more to live in this country and more and more people are heading into poverty.

The next election will say a great deal about this country. I am excited to witness the process and be part of this historical moment in politics. Politics is about life, our neighbors, our schools, the price of gas, the diminishing value of US homes, and the increase in rent. Get involved. Believe that you can make a difference. Believe that your vote does really count in the long end. It starts with our collective goal to make the world a better place. Take some action or more actions to get or stay involved. If you still remain cynical about politics in general, and believe it just doesn’t really matter, please, please just consider making one small change. Vote.


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