May You Rest in Peace, Heath Ledger

So sad about Heath Ledger. I feel for him. Such potential lost so suddenly and unexpected. I of course did not know the man, but I am still sadden by his death. It just continues to show me that you never know when it is time for someone to go. You have to enjoy life. Generally this sentiment would go in my journal, but the current event of Ledger’s mysterious death fascinates me as it does the general public. What did he die of? What would take the life of a 28 year-old man? Such a waste. I hope there is some positive outcome to his death in the end. My thoughts and prayers go out to his young daughter and family. Ironic that he dies on the day the Oscar nominations are announced. His death also happened to occur on my birthday. What a coincidence. I will wait patiently until the toxicology report is out in a week or two. I hope it was just an accident. If not, then this will be an even more tragic story.


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  1. Davina says:

    I’m compelled with sympathy for his family and pity for Heath,himself. These are preventable actions and choices that shoudl’ve been avoided. Regardless, people are human and the suffering of our inner selves sometimes cries louder for silent comforts. I’m just saddened that yet another individual has left behind a young child and a heartbroken family. This incident will fade in time and Heath would be idolized as a great young actor nonetheless. May he R.I.P.

    I like your entries. I hope you keep them coming

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