Writing What?

It has been a while since I posted an entry and thought I would just check in. I have been thinking a great deal about writing and what it means in my life. My professional career has taken many turns. During some parts of my life writing played a major role and some years it was non-existent. Even when I did take a detour and tried something else, like community and political activism, writing continued to be a part of who I was inside. I feel like there is something, a great piece or story, maybe even a book, that wants to come out. Fear and a lack of confidence has prevented me from exploring this notion. But life is short. A good friend of mine is terminally ill and his life struggle has caused me to examine my own and what I want to make of it. There has not been any consistency in my professional life and even today I find myself looking at other possible paths. No matter what I decide, I need to work on a personal writing project that will combine all my creative efforts. I feel there is something inside me that needs to present itself to the world. I just need to dig deeper into my soul and find the courage to put it out there. I have a few ideas, but the time has come to put the fear I have created aside and let the words just flow.


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