Memoir Writing Class

I attended my first memoir writing class last night. At first I was a bit weary of the group, feeling out of place and wondering if I could share personal thoughts immediately with a group of strangers. But after the go-around of individual introductions we got right down to business. We were asked to conduct our first freehand writing assignment. After hearing every one’s piece and sharing my own, I knew I was in the right place.  There I was, in a small cozy room full of immense writing talent. We expressed creative vulnerabilities with each other in the hopes of becoming better writers. There were some wonderful writers in that room and I felt honored to be among them. I am sure I will learn a great deal about memoir writing from this group and hope to contribute something as well. I am very excited about the class and look forward to the next eight weeks. I have taken writing classes in the past, however never in this style. I hope to share some of my assignments on this blog. Feel free to leave a comment if you feel moved to do so. In any event, I hope you enjoy my efforts. 


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