Blogs Aren’t Going Anywhere

A recent news article highlights an overall decline in blogging, but I think blogs are here to stay. Yes the explosion of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have cut into the popularity of blogs and the act of blogging, however blogs are and will continue to be an important medium.

I don’t blog much and never really have, however blogging does provide me with an online journal of my thoughts, perceptions, personal struggles and achievements. Blogging also provides me with an international voice to express cultural, political, popular, and personal views.

Blogs are great platforms for detailed writing without the 140 character limitation of Twitter and entries can be found easier than those on a possibly semi-private Facebook network.

Blogging supplements overall branding by complimenting an official website and directing visitors to other social media sites.

I may not blog “regularly,” but I think I’ll always blog and blogs aren’t going anywhere.


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