Does your business/organization have a Google+ Page?

Everyone knows how popular Facebook Pages are for businesses and organizations, but has your group created a Google+ Page yet? If it has not, it should. It’s just another online promotional vehicle connected to the most popular search engine in the world. Google launched its new Google+ Business Pages on November 7. The new Pages feature allows brands, products, companies, businesses, and organizations to build their very own tailored Google+ presence. Of course if you are not familiar with Google+ for individuals it might be challenging to jump into Business Pages.

The launch of Google+ Pages increased overall traffic to Google+. Experian HitWise noted that for the week ending Nov. 12, Google+ logged 6.8 million visits from U.S. users alone, making it the third-biggest week for U.S. visits since the network launched June 28. So far, 61 percent of the world’s top 100 brands have created Google+ Pages since its inception, according to SEO company BrightEdge.

Facebook has a few years on Google+ but it’s still early. Google+ Pages may one day be just as popular as Facebook Pages. We’ll have to wait and see. Ford, for example, has 27,648 fans on Google+ as of this posting, but 5 million total fans on Facebook. If a company like Ford is diving into the Google+ Page craze, what not your company/organization?

So what does your organization or business have to lose? If you want to create a Goolge+ Page check out Google’s guide to using Google+ Pages.


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