All The Way Gone, a novel by D. James Eldon

My friend DJ published a new twist on the crime novel entitled All the Way Gone. DJ has dreamt of being a writer for 25 years and has some short stories published. However he ran into obstacles in getting his novel published and decided to do so on his own. I admire DJ’s commitment to getting his creative art out to the masses in an innovative manner and not allowing the naysayers to dissuade him from his artistic path.

Why has DJ decided to go forward and publish his own novel? Here’s DJ in his own words:

“Have you ever had a dream, something you’ve thought of since you were a kid? Of course you have, everyone does. Maybe yours is to climb a mountain, ride a bicycle cross-country, run a marathon, skydive, write a novel, direct a film, have a child. Whatever it is, I believe each of us has it in them to live their dreams. This is my dream, to successfully publish a novel in America. And you can help me realize this dream.”

Please consider buying DJ’s book or passing along this information to someone who might enjoy reading a pull-no-punches tale of denial and deceit, but also one of friendship and trust. A human story wrapped up in a classic crime tale.


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