Did Social Media Help Ford’s Sales?

The Ford Motor, Co., a Fortune 500 corporation, today released financial statements showing a 13 percent increase in overall sales. TheStreet.com reports that Ford’s retail sales rose 27 percent from the same month a year earlier, led by a 35 percent increase in retail auto sales.

A Huffington Post article also published today highlights Ford’s brilliant use of social media, noting, “Ford has been engaging in unprecedented dialogues with consumers” and designed an unprecedented social media-driven plan to create such engagements.

Though it’s uncertain how much of a role social media actually played in Ford’s increased sales, it’s tough to say social media had no financial influence whatsoever. With Ford’s impressive social media numbers (4.5 million YouTube views, 3.5 million Twitter impressions) I would say Ford’s online activity had a direct affect in increasing the company’s overall sales.

Do you think the effective use of social media plays a role in a company’s bottom line?

Do you think social media helped Ford’s increase in sales?


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